IELTS Cue Card: Kötü müşteri hizmetleri

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Describe a time when you had a bad customer service experience

  • What was the problem?
  • When did it happen?
  • What was your experience like?
  • What made it bad?  
I would like to talk a problem which was caused by my internet provider. It started about a month ago and persisted for well over a week. In the meantime, I had no internet connection at home, feeling a bit awkward. I would not even think that it would matter this much.

Unfortunately, internet outages occur in my neighborhood from time to time. Yet, the last one brought my connection speed to a total halt. It would take any kind of webpage ages to load. As a person working from home, nothing else would be equally frustrating. The only thing I could do was to reach out for help from the customer service. This is where it all got worse. It took me more than half an hour to connect to someone in charge. I got increasingly furious but I did not give up just to be able to file a complaint.

When I could finally talk to a real person, I was told they would immediately work it out, but to no avail. It lasted much longer than I would consider acceptable. Probably about 10 days. I had to call them every single day to check the level of progress, but nothing changed. I was too mad, of course. Nobody was aware of what really caused all that mess. Not knowing when it would be solved was even more annoying than not having a stable internet connection. Yet it is what it is. We cannot always get what we want.

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