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Yurt, sadece barınacak bir yer mi sorusuna yanıt veren bir TOEFL writing örneği

Your university will allocate funds to improve the quality of life in dorms. Which of the following, do you think, should be the priority? 

quiet study rooms, a gym with a variety of sport implements, a large movie room

Many people might consider dorms as places to meet only the essential needs of students like a warm bed to sleep on or nutritious enough food to sustain a healthy body. Yet it would not hurt to have a living space that delivers more than that. In that case, whether due to budget restrictions or some other reason, I would expect a university to build a full-fledged gym rather than rooms meant for quiet study or watching movies.

With ever increasing smart device use and faster internet connection, demand for movie theaters has already declined to a significant extent. Being able to watch high quality content regardless of time and location has altered our media consumption habits drastically, encouraging us to rely almost exclusively on mobile devices. Money used for building a movie room would be a total waste, since it cannot offer something that we already do not have. On top of this, who would like to sacrifice the freedom to choose what to watch? What about the chance to watch something while lying on your own bed or pausing the movie as often as you need? Shortly, a movie room would be a project that is born dead.

Quiet study rooms are also not that necessary thanks to an abundance of alternatives. One might choose to study in a public library either in the campus or somewhere else in the neighborhood. Or any place can instantly be transformed into a study area with a pair of headphones, one that is good enough to isolate external voices or sounds. What's more, no one is free to disturb you in a dorm, particularly by being too loud. All have to comply with strict rules that ensure a certain level of privacy. So we might assume that our university might use the already limited budget in a more sensible way, that is a gym.

Without a paid membership in a private gym, no dorm students might work out on a regular basis, gradually becoming less healthy. Success has much to do with physical fitness as it does with mental clarity, both of which are interconnected. Unfortunately, not all students might afford to pay for gym access or in some cases they might not have enough time for commuting back and forth. Building a gym right in the dorm will eliminate either problem, giving all students a chance to build a sound body, a crucial component of mental strength.

In conclusion, I believe that the university should spend the money wisely, prioritizing a need that no dorm student can meet within the dorm itself. It is possible to study in silence or entertain ourselves via films anywhere we want, but there is not much choice when it comes to working out in gyms.

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