TOEFL Writing: Günümüz dünyasında kibarlık

Artan nüfus, modern dünya ve kibarlık arasında ilişki kurduran bir TOEFL writing görevi

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 

With today's world getting increasingly more busy and crowded, we can no longer expect people to treat each other kindly.

It is true that recent years have witnessed a notable surge in global population, drastically altering many aspects of life. With each passing day, we have had to maintain a busier way of life, focusing too much on getting things done rather than keep our etiquette. Frankly speaking, I believe that kindness cannot prevail in a world that is getting harsher by the day.

Take overpopulated countries like India and China, for example. Unless you are a privileged member of society wealthy enough to lead a prosperous life, you will have to struggle each and every day with thousands of other people to meet even your essential needs. To be more precise, a myriad of Indian citizens take a train daily to commute to work or some other place, with only lucky ones to be seated inside the train. Some simply have to travel outside the train, with their life at stake. Kindness will not secure you a seat inside, with the only other option being a passenger outside the train. If one has multiple options to do what they need to do, just as in Western countries, you might be expected to remain gentle and calm, but with all options eliminated, as in some parts of India, the only way ahead is being cruel.

What's more, in business settings, kindness would not get anybody ahead in the line. No wildly successful company has thriven through gentle strategies that prioritize harmony over profit. As the most valuable company ever, Amazon, has tried to adopt all kinds of aggressive methods to eliminate prospective competitors. Whether by dropping prices at the expense of losing money or lobbying for potentially beneficial laws, the goal has been to climb to the top, which is evidently the case. There would be little sense to expect otherwise in the lives of ordinary employees, as well. Unfortunately, we are all in a case where we have to try as hard as possible to secure a certain level of comfort and a promising future, which is not all that possible through chivalry. Walking up the ladder, increasing your market share or sales—they all rely on doing what needs to be done.

In conclusion, some might expect a Zen attitude in this increasingly chaotic world, but to me it sounds like a pipe dream. At times of intense competition, as in today's world, survival is a matter of having the guts to crush others, if necessary. We are not lucky enough to have been born in a world where sharing all we have would not hurt our own well-being.

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