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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Success depends entirely on hard work, with luck having nothing to do with it.

It is believed that there is no other factor than hard work that determines how successful one might become. That surely makes sense to a large extent, but it would not be wise to rule out luck from the equation.

Taking sustainability into account, we have to admit that hard and consistent work is all that matters. Luck might initially be a great kick starter, but eventually it will all come down to whether you can sustain the work load. Take one of the largest social networks, Facebook, for example. Back then, it thrived quickly just because there were no other viable alternatives. Luckily, a project that started as a simple network app became wildly popular across the globe. But it was a tiny bit of the equation; without consistent hard work that followed, the grandfather of all social media platforms would have been another grain of dust in the wind. By constantly trying to optimize the algorithm and adding new features, Facebook, along with its sister apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, has managed to become the undisputed leader of the industry.

However, there is no point in denying that we are all much too fragile, with our faith too dependent on external factors. No human being has the capability to predict even a tiny portion of what lies ahead. The interaction between different components of life is far too complex to control. Being born in a wealth and caring family, meeting the right people at the right time, the tide of events turning in our own favor, not facing difficulties that would otherwise knock us down—These are just some of a sheer number of luck-based possibilities that help us thrive with ease. In some cases, you might do everything right but still fail. This is where luck steps in.

There is no doubt that hard work does not necessarily ensure success, especially when compared with smart work. We are far past the ages where technology was still at its infancy. We longer put in countless hours of work, tiring us to death. Instead, we try to make use of high-tech tools to optimize whatever processes we are dealing with. The importance of muscle power is long gone due to the continuously-developing technology, giving us unprecedented opportunities to realize our dreams. Whether it be a farmer or an investor, no human can compete with machines in terms of efficiency—a direct indicator of success.

In conclusion, I have the impression that success is the outcome of a process that relies on multiple factors, ranging from consistency, innovation, luck, intelligence, and high-tech adoption, none of which can be excluded when in pursuit of long-term gains.

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