TOEFL Writing: Para harcamak mı daha iyi biriktirmek mi?

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Some people enjoy spending their money as soon as they earn it, while others prefer to save as much of it as possible. 

Which do you prefer?

As in almost all domains of life, there seems to be apparent differences regarding money management. While some are into making the most of their income without a delay of any kind, others have the tendency to stick to a strict money-saving regime. Frankly speaking, whichever path they take is determined to a large extent by their own nature, so there is no point in trying to align with either one: People should do whatever they feel like doing.

On the one hand, those with a hedonistic approach to life will not have a second thought about running after pleasure. The way their mind works dictates them to enjoy their life to the maximum, at the expense of sparing every last bit of their money. Whether it be a holiday at an exotic island or a festival thousands of kilometers away, they will likely do all they can to secure a spot. I would not be surprised at all even if they would get a loan for the very things that would make their hormones rush through their body. Such people focus on living the moment rather than on a future that they might not even live through. Shortly, some people will not hesitate financially if there is a chance to brighten their day.

On the other hand, there are many others predestined to have future-oriented mindset that prompts them to hoard money, just in case. If you have a thought process that prioritizes potential problems, whether at your own will or not, you will inevitably try to take all possible measures in pursuit of a future free from trouble. In that case, a sense of financial security will ensure a state of equilibrium that would free you from worrying excessively about future. Some minds are stuck into what might lie ahead, and we have no right to judge them.

But, after all, we are beings that have the flexibility to adapt to anything thrown at us. I find it wrong to mindlessly waste all our budget on seeking pleasure all the time. Not saving up even a little for a potentially bleak future would be a disaster. Yet, living our lives fully concentrated on future threats would eventually result in great misery, either. I believe that having a little bit of both would be the ideal way of managing our money: not too extravagant, but not too stingy, either.

In conclusion, the way people spend is a mere reflection of their personality, with some enjoying the moment freely while others are in full investment mood. But I believe that both have something to learn from each other. Enjoying life while also saving up for the future is highly possible.

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