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Widespread use of driverless cars will benefit society and individuals at large. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles will prove beneficial for all. Considering them as a feat of futuristic engineering, I cannot think of convincingly disturbing reasons that would prove otherwise.

Most significantly, time wasted while driving will be a thing of the past. With complete freedom in the car, drivers will no longer have to cope with continuously focusing on the road ahead. Instead, they will have a chance to use their own time freely, whether in a productive manner or by just chilling. Either way, it will serve a purpose more valuable and enjoyable than steering the vehicle.

Equally important is the potential drop in the prevalence of road accidents. Machines are not prone to flaws that almost all of us suffer from—loss of concentration, road rage, traffic violations, excessive speeding ... Given that they run on algorithms that prioritize rules and safety, the likelihood of a fatal accident is almost completely eliminated, excluding serious cases like hacking or hardware & software failures, of course.

Finally, fuel use will be optimized, since software-controlled vehicles will always come up with the optimal driving strategy. Unlike humans who need to take their time to master driving techniques, they are experts since day one. Aware of the road plan and other vehicles around, artificial intelligence determines the ideal speed, preventing unnecessary pauses and thrusts. For a single car, fuel savings may not amount to much, but given the already vast number on roads, fuel efficiency will be notably higher.

In conclusion, I have the impression that, thanks to self-driving cars, we will no longer have to waste neither fuel nor time, accompanied by a considerably lower risk of direct collisions.

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