IELTS Essay: Başarı için üniversite eğitimi gerekli mi?


Üniversite eğitimi ve başarı arasındaki ilişkiyi sorgulatan bir IELTS essay sorusu

Some people think that success in life relies heavily on university education. Others believe that this is no longer the case. 

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

There seems to be conflicting opinions regarding the influence of tertiary education on how successful one might become later in life. I believe that none can be right, since success itself is impossible to define objectively.

On the one hand, the chance to get inspired by competent tutors at university is not something to be taken lightly. Some of them choose to work at universities just to satisfy their inner desire to teach rather than make money for a living. Probably, for most, the only place to be in the presence of such accomplished people is the campus. With the insight they will likely provide, one will have a more profound understanding of what will pave the way for success. Particularly in natural sciences, without high quality mentors, it would require much more effort to go up the ladder. After all, we human beings thrive on cumulative knowledge acquired over generations—this is exactly where universities step in.

On the other hand, considering richest people on Earth, the general trend appears to be either dropping out of school early on or never taking it that seriously. To be wildly successful, one must be able to think out of the box, which is not quite the case in universities where individual opinions are not of great significance. Each university has its own curriculum and agenda to impose. They act as tools to strengthen the current system rather than build a new one. Society resists change as long as possible, until one steps ahead to radically alter all there is. For success, though, we might have to break our chains and take the road never taken before.

In my opinion, being able to define success in an objective way appears to be an impossible feat. For some, it might be acquiring a large amount of money by whatever legal means possible, while for others mastering a sport or an art would be the only path. Financially speaking, I believe that university education might even be a road block that hinders the ability to innovate, since it has almost nothing to do with formal lessons, but personal qualities. Similarly, for sports, dedication and talent seem to play a much greater role, with the education of your coach not mattering at all. Yet, when it comes to science work, it is not all that easy to create a worthy work on your own due to sheer complexity, which requires co-operation and quality mentors.

In conclusion, not all people have a mutual fondness for universities in building success, and I believe that they are all right to some extent. For wealth and mastery in sports and arts, there is not much need for formal studies, but in science-based matters, that might the only way for most.

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