IELTS Cue Card: Beğenmediğiniz bir film

IELTS speaking sınavında ille de doğruyu söylemek zorunda değilsiniz. Atış serbest.

Describe a film you did not like

  • What is it about?
  • When did you watch it?
  • Where did you watch it?
  • Why did not you like it?
I would like to talk about the Hobbit trilogy. It is a series of 3 movies about the adventures of a group of dwarves. The entire work is based on a fantasy novel written by Tolkien. In the series, the dwarves are trying to claim their own land back from a dragon by the help of a wizard and a hobbit. Right after that, they enter a huge battle against dark forces.

As a fan of the LOTR, I watched the first movie of the series as soon as it was released. Just like a little fanboy, I did not want to waste even a single day. I thought it would fill me with joy,  just as the LOTR did. But it did not.

I watched all 3 movies online. It would not show up in my country for a long time, probably due to translation. I would love to have watched in a movie theatre, though. It would feel more real.

I guess there was nothing wrong with the trilogy itself. But I still did not like it as much as its older brother, the LOTR. It just did not feel right. Everything was just too exaggerated. The Hobbit is not a story that would be told in 3 movies that last about 10 hours. Only one would do.

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