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Simple Tenses

  • Turkic languages are spoken mostly in Asia.
  • Nomadic tribes are seen as a threat wherever they settle.
  • Ottoman soldiers were rewarded generously after each conquest.
  • Neanderthals were driven into extinction by our own species.

Continuous Tenses

  • Refugees are being sheltered at camps located by the border.
  • This time yesterday, the coastal areas were being battered by the tsunami.

Perfect Tenses

  • The Moon has been visited by aliens many times so far.
  • Pandas have been used by China to foster diplomatic relationships for centuries.
  • Most prisoners had been kept in solitary cells until the protest ended.
  • Most coastal cities will have been deserted by 2050.

Modal Verbs

  • Ivory trade should be banned at all costs; otherwise, elephants will face extinction.
  • Football can be played anywhere, whether outside or indoors.

Modal Perfect

  • Nuclear power stations should have been shut down much earlier.
  • Egyptian pyramids might have been built by aliens.


  • All the suspects have been released without being interrogated.
  • Despite being imprisoned, Nelson Mandela did not give up the fight.

Gerund Perfect

  • The minister denies having been bribed by the oil industry.
  • The prisoners have admitted having been tortured by the warden.


  • All the employees want to be rewarded with a pay rise.
  • Harry Potter tried hard to persuade the Sorting Hat in order to be sorted into Gryffindor.

Infinitive Perfect

  • Neanderthals are believed to have been wiped out by humans.
  • To have been chosen as the ringbearer has profoundly changed Frodo.


  • (Being) Manufactured in China, smartphone spare parts are not that costly.
  • Projects rejected by the Council are to be archived, with almost no chance to be considered again.
  • Having been freed from prison, Andy started a new life in Alaska.
  • Balkan countries are struggling against widespread political corruption, with smaller (being) affected the most.

Impersonal Passive

  • Mars is believed to have liquid water under the surface.
  • The Sun is claimed to be almost 5 billion years old.
  • China is predicted to become the sole superpower within half a century.
  • It has long been believed that population rise is responsible for global warming.
  • It should be noted that nuclear waste cannot be stored in a safe way.

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