IELTS Essay: Zenginlik mutluluk getirir mi?


Zenginlik ve mutluluk arasındaki ilişkiyi sorgulatan bir IELTS opinion essay sorusu

Some people argue that wealth does not necessarily ensure happiness. To what extent to you agree or disagree?

Ele alınacak fikirler: sağlığın yerini hiçbir şey tutamaz, karakteristik özelliklerin parayla pek alakası yok, finansal sebeplerle sürekli kaygı yaşayan kişiler, arzularını bastırmak zorunda kalan kişiler

It is argued that there is more to happiness than wealth. I agree with this opinion to a large extent, but I would not deny that life satisfaction partially relies on being financially independent.

A few decades back, one of the wealthiest men in Turkey, owner of countless holdings, clearly stated he would sacrifice all he had to be able to make his son walk like other children. Seeing his child stuck to a wheelchair prompted him to painfully understand what matters most in life: health. If one suffers from physical or mental disabilities, the likelihood of enjoying the perks of your money hits rock bottom. 

We should also not underestimate the impact of our character on our feelings. We do not get to determine whether we will have a pessimistic or optimistic approach on life. While children in an impoverished tribe in Africa might be full of joy even when playing with a few stones and sticks, it might be impossible to satisfy far richer ones with whatever toys one might offer. Our state of mind is heavily impacted by processes that are neither controlled nor enhanced by wealth or material belongings. Some are simply born lucky in this sense, a genetic gift that money cannot buy.

However, it would be too naive of me to suggest that wealth cannot improve the way we live and feel. Take for example people who have to work over 10 hours a day just to be able meet their essential needs like food and accommodation, with little chances to adopt a hobby or travel freely. Undoubtedly, even only doubling their income would provide an instant relief, let alone owning a massive wealth. If one constantly worries about bills and expenses, there would be little room left for feeling contented. There is not any point in comparing the quality of time spent in exotic places like the Bahamas with a life wasted in traffic jams and cramped offices. Who would like to waste an entire life trying to suppress their own desires just because they cannot afford to do what they want?

In conclusion, I believe that wealth is not the primary factor that determines how happily one might live given the significance of an optimistic mindset and physical well-being, but the role it plays in freeing our time is undeniably strong.

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