IELTS Cue Card: Fit kalmak için yaptığınız bir aktivite

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Describe an activity you do to stay fit

  • What is it? 
  • When and where do you do it? 
  • How often do you do it? 
  • Does it help you keep fit enough?
I would like to talk about my favorite outdoor activity, running. I truly love its simplicity. All you gotta do is just put on your shoes and step outside. Whether you live in the city center or somewhere in the countryside, you are ready for it in a few minutes. It is probably just the easiest way to stay in shape.

I do not have a particular time frame for running. I usually go by the feel. But I cannot deny that it feels much better to run in the mornings before it is already hot. I live right by the seaside and I usually prefer to run with a nice breeze accompanying me. Trails runs also feel great, though. I guess it is all about the level of oxygen for me. The more, the better.

I try to run at least twice a week. Because I also work out with kettlebells, I cannot run more often than that. It becomes much harder to recover even when I try to run thrice per week. It does not feel all that easy after a certain age. Without proper rest, the risk of injury just goes up.

I am so grateful to running. Without that, I would have much trouble maintaining a healthy weight. With each session lasting a bit more than a hour, I lose so many calories. I am so glad with the outcome.

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